james Jennings

Hello, I’m James Jennings, a coffee addict and a passionate Artist. I’ve worked as a designer/artist for 10 years and can’t wait to jump on my next project. I am a UI/UX designer by day and a oil painter by night. I’m based part time in the Okanagan BC and in Charleston SC.

Currently I am a designer at IndySoft and a demonstration artist at Colarts reprensenting Windsor Newton.You can see my work exhibited at Studio on Water in Kelowna British Columbia and at the Charleston Artist Guild in Charleston SC. I love painting 🎨, dogs 🐕, and gaming 🎮
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I am a versatile artist merging the worlds of traditional and digital creativity. With a passion for oil painting, I bring vivid scenes to life on canvas, capturing the essence of my subjects. Simultaneously, as a UI designer, I craft seamless digital experiences, blending aesthetic flair with user-centric functionality. My dual expertise bridges the gap between traditional and modern artistic expressions.

I am actively seeking opportunities to join forces on compelling art and design projects. Passionate about fostering innovative ideas and collective inspiration, I am ready to contribute my artistic expertise to collaborative projects that push boundaries and create impactful, visually stunning outcomes. Let's embark on a journey of shared vision. 👀

Oil painting GBA
I am awwwarded

Recognitions & Accomplishment

Sometimes luck, sometimes hard work, all the times both combined. I am extra thankful for all the trust people share on me, and leaving me leave a mark on their life 🥺

Be kind to each other...

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I am currently open for commission and freelance work :)