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I am creator not bound by rules of society or medium.

UI/UX Design

Hello! I'm James, a UI/UX designer passionate about crafting seamless digital experiences. I have experience working at two Charleston based companies as a UI/UX designer: Indysoft and Netrist. With a focus on user-centric design, I blend creativity and functionality to bring ideas to life.

Oil Paintings

In James' paintings there is a perfected dance between realism and abstraction, a textured indulgence with brush and pigment, that draws the viewer in, often getting lost in hours of brush work and color variety, only to be brought back to the depth of his subjects following eyes

Digital Paintings

Welcome to a world where pixels replace paint to create the soulful narratives of individuals. (Fuck AI Art)

En Plein Air

Through my work, I aim to share not only the visual splendor but also the emotional resonance of these landscapes. Inspired by the tradition of plein air painting, I find myself drawn to the untamed beauty of British Columbia. (I go outside and touch grass on occasion 🫳🥦)


Coming soon......‍

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I am currently open for commission and freelance work :)